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Communication is a key foundation to success. The Data Flashlight was created to discuss data driven marketing, and how credit unions can adjust for the ever-changing industry. As data becomes more important in our every day lives, both professionally and personally, it is important to understand how it can be used to communicate better. The Data Flashlight was created to shine light on data driven marketing, and how it will impact the future of credit union communication.


Brandon Shaw

I have been working in the financial industry since 2012. My first position was as a member service representative for a credit union with roughly 7,000 members. After completing college, I relocated to West Michigan and begun a personal banker position at a large bank corporation. I quickly realized that while both would fall into the financial industry, credit unions had a unique approach. The community and ownership principles lead me back down the credit union path.

In 2015 I joined CU*Answers as a client service representative, and quickly saw opportunity within the industry. After spending time working with clients, I took a role within the Quality Control department to enhance my technical skills. While this career path doesn’t put me in a perfect box, it has lead me to my current role of Marketing and Business Intelligence Analyst on the Asterisk Intelligence team.

As the industry continues to change,  individuals and organizations within it will need to as well. Data is becoming an essential part of our professional lives, and we must tackle it head on. It is my hope that the The Data Flashlight provides a platform for data driven marketing discussion within the credit union industry.